NASA astronaut films lightning from ISS

Astronaut Reid Wiseman posted a Vine from the International Space Station today showing lightning over Houston.

Tornado warnings were issued in the Houston area earlier this afternoon but have since expired.

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“Scott, wait, not here…”

This is so exemplary of everything about Stiles’ place in the pack. He is quick to evaluate situations. Very quick. So while everyone else is on board with the “let’s not get eaten by the thing chasing us” plan, Stiles is a step ahead to “you do all realize there’s more than one way into this room, right?”. And though he tries to get their attention multiple times, they’re not listening to him. The number of times this happens in canon is ridiculous, but there are definitely people for whom being overlooked like this is life. Stiles is almost always “right”, but because he’s not charismatic and overtly friendly and morally good, he is often ignored in favor of people with more desirable traits.

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BBC Sherlock in the original Victorian era

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on a scale of luke skywalker to jaime lannister how well would you deal with losing your right hand

or, on a scale of luke skywalker to jaime lannister how well do you deal with latent sexual feelings for your sister

or, on a scale of luke skywalker to jamie lannister how well would you deal with your dad being an utter bastard with unresolved issues about the death of his wife

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I.E.D. IN COMPLEMENTARY COLOURS: Lydia Martin + pink/lime

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a jurassic park reboot with the dinosaurs replaced by land before time characters



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peter hale may be satan in a v neck but derek hale is jesus in a tank top

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My feminist rants drive all the boys from the yard.

Damn right

Get off my land you little shits.

My feminist rants bring all the boys to the yard

They’re like

'Not aaaaaaaaaaall men'.

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  1. Disney didn’t kill the EU.
  2. The EU hasn’t died unless you and everyone else let it die.
  3. Lucasfilm made the decision to create new stories.

Get to know these facts.

I spent a good minute staring at this trying to work out how Disney could possibly kill the European Union.

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glee flashback: favorite scenes - the rocky horror glee show (2x05)

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